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firthofforth's Journal

there and half-back again

With some creative rounding, I'm currently 20% Californian (the part that prefers skinny-dipping to community pools, and fresh strawberries to everything else), 52.5% Wisconsonite (thus the interest in cheese and beer), 2.5% Michiganian (thus the hatred for all things Detroit - except the Tigers, because there is a good story in there somewhere), and unexpectedly 15% Floridian. North Carolina = 10% egads! (percents updated 2011)

Newly (no longer) arrived to North Carolina, I am now considered a "half-back" - a northerner who moved to the Sunshine State for the heat (which was NOT the purpose but rather the curse) but finds it overpopulated and thus returns half-way 'home' by opting for a Carolina instead. So here I am, in the land of Billy Graham, trying to explore the great outdoors and document as much as possible without disturbing the natives.